My name is Nick Vogel and I, like most people – well if we’re honest, all of us – am a frustrated leader. I often find myself in situations where I’m frustrated by my leaders, frustrated by my own leadership, and, let’s face it, frustrated by those I influence.  We all face circumstances like these in one way or another, so I wanted to be the one to air those frustrations in a positive light instead of complaining about my frustrations in private.

I would like to share with you my experiences and my thoughts as one who is led and leads in some capacity.  This blog is not intended to be a research project.  This is, however, intended to be a series of enlightening posts that should take no longer than five minutes to read for each post.  The purpose of this blog is 3-fold:

  1. To serve as an outlet for experienced frustrations in leadership and explore these frustrations in a positive light.
  2. To help others grow as leaders.  There’s an old saying that “leaders are readers.”  Even if you do not agree with what I write, there will be pieces that you can take and apply to your life.  It is important for a leader to continually learn.  As Bill Hybels says, “Everyone wins when a leader gets better.”
  3. To show that we all struggle as frustrated leaders.  Not one of us is alone in our frustrations.  Because of this fact, we can all come together and learn from one another.

In light of point number 3, I encourage you to not only read these short blog posts but to participate.  Share them with your friends.  Leave a comment.  Continually learn and grow.

Twitter: @NLVogel | Facebook: /nlvogel

Nick is a graduate of Old Dominion University where he received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in management.  From a young age, Nick has been interested in leadership and involved in many different leadership positions.  A veracious reader and lifetime learner, he pores through leadership and management books as well as fiction and seeks different avenues of learning, such as podcasts.

Nick has experience in volunteer management (as a volunteer leader and a staff member) as well as experience leading within the workplace.