An Update

Hey everyone!

I’m not done writing about typical frustrations of leaders, but I am taking the rest of this month off and will be back with some changes in the New Year. With all the holidays, work, and other obligations, my blog has taken a back seat while I tend to these important things.

I’ll be coming back with a monthly blog instead of a weekly one. This is much more manageable for me (and my audience). You can expect short, 400-word or less posts every 15th of the month that provide practical leadership examples and advice that you can apply right now.

Feel free to connect with me at any of the social media in the “Connect” tab or read some of my older blogs at the links below! Make sure you sign up to get blog updates straight to your email by signing up on the right side of the screen (on a desktop) and at the bottom of this page (on mobile).

I look forward to what the New Year will bring!

To those faithful readers and sharers of mine, I just want to say thank you!



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